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         To tell you a secret, every weekend could have a different flavour from our phenomenal outcall Dagenham Escorts agency – call to book a Puerto Rican, or when the mood strikes, then maybe a Russian, a Moldovan, a Venezuelan; try to order a German. And what for to engage in all this effort – it’s simple; to check out how these girls compare to each other, and to the ladies from Escorts Dagenham which you have met in the past. We will not even begin to offer you to make a comparison between our agency’s angels and any other escorts about town – and that’s because our girls always win in semi-finals - for a fact. Just hold on for one second and tell us if you can already realise all that hidden potential.

         Can you already see that now, finally, you are standing in front of a great opportunity to find our and research what you really like. And it is really important to have a well-defined, clear taste and outlook in life. Because facing this question, answer yourself how indeed could you know if you like Latinas or Slavic beauties more, if you haven’t even tried every flavour of the pastry available in the bakery shop. And if it’s cheap, then why shouldn’t you just go ahead and treat yourself, which will give you an option to become much more savvy, more booty literate; after all, why not have more experience, more fun, plus everybody knows – in a group of friends, everyone respects and envies the guy who knows which wine should be paired with white meat, fish and which one with red meat – the same with you, now you can become a fine lady connoisseur, and we will gladly help you with gaining that sweet secret wisdom.

          You might just discover temperaments or curves unlike any other, and what a blessing it would be to enrich your love department with some exotic or Nordic outcall naughty ladies this Friday or Saturday. Don’t miss the chance. And on top of that, our girls will eagerly give you unique and rare tips in the bedroom department, which no regular girl knows and no glossy newspaper will publish. These tricks are hard to learn and treat them like bonus points, demand one each time that you book an escort, for these are your personal rewards. You will have a much better knowledge of how to please a lady, and also, to your own amusement, our fit and lean ladies themselves might explain to you a few nuisances – for that, it is best to give them time, because practice makes a master, so be sure to book a couple of lessons so that you can be taught everything properly during your summer course.

         Don’t worry – our teachers are sexy and our lessons are never a bore. You will be asking for more! Never before you had your money so well spent – because the benefits will stay with you for a lifetime, so that one day it will be you, who can pass on the precious knowledge, and be perceived as the knowledgeable mentor. Just imagine what compliments are awaiting you in the dating department, if you have learned from the best.